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What is a PhotoGiclée?

YPOC makes PhotoGiclées. We live it. We breath it. But some people are just now discovering our company, so we thought it would be good to take a moment, reflect, and talk a little about the product and our process.

First and foremost a PhotoGiclée, put simply, is a print of your digital photograph on stretched, ready to hang canvas. PhotoGiclée is a term we coined and trademarked because it’s an extension of our business for the last twenty plus years. You see, we started as Harvest Productions, one of the very first digital fine art printers in existence. The fine art edition prints we’ve been making all this time were mostly purchased by art collectors, and you can imagine how tough and demanding that customer can be. When we decided to create a consumer direct company to offer photo to canvas printing services, we essentially began offering a high-end art product at factory direct prices. It was a big shift for us and it’s a big shift for the industry. Galleries were once in charge of deciding what you should hang on your walls and call art. But for the first time, and with the help of the proliferation of high-quality digital cameras, YOU now have direct control of your own art. It’s your life … it’s your art.

Those city shots you took on your trip to Madrid? Those beautiful photos taken after the first snow fall of the season? The macro shots of the dinner you cooked for your family? The pictures you took at your sister’s graduation party? These are all perfectly excellent reasons you should be thinking about printing your photography. Of course you can publish them to your Flickr or Facebook pages, and you might even get them printed on glossy photo paper, but to move into gallery-wrapped canvas is to move into the realm of fine art. These are your memories. They’re your stories. The narratives tell people who you are, what you are. And when printed as PhotoGiclées, the very texture and look of the canvas can transform even a simple image into a beautiful work of art.

So how do you get started making your own PhotoGiclée? All you need to do is click the Begin Your Order button and upload your image. We accept .JPG and .TIFF files. Select your canvas size and crop your image. Then checkout. That’s it. We do the rest. A team of talented, experienced, and dedicated print makers will begin working on your order, printing to the same specifications and quality standards we’ve used for decades in the art market. We stretch it on kiln-dried, American pine bars, bag everything up, and ship to you directly via our partner, FedEx. Your art and your memories are ready for cherishing. We’re 100% American made, family owned in Southern California, and we guarantee the product forever. 

Simple, right?

Below are a few shots taken during a recent vacation by our very own resident Visual Artist, Travis Do. They were printed as 16” X 20” PhotoGiclée canvas prints and are now hanging in his office just down the hall.  We encourage you to get out there and start shooting. And we can’t wait to print for you.


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